Wintec 500 AP VSD Cair Black 17.5"

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The Wintec 500 AP VSD Cair Black 17.5" features a straighter cut flap to encourage a straighter, longer leg position suited to riders participating in more flatwork or dressage.

•Equi-Suede – The most luxurious, grippy and comfortable material available on Wintec saddles. It gives a similar appearance to real suede which feels ultra-soft, luxurious and offers the perfect level of grip. Equi-suede has the advantages of being durable, easy care, immediately comfortable and breathable, while providing extra stability in the seat.

•Cair® Cushion System(Cair saddles only)– works with the Easy-Change® Fit Solution to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance. This system provides a custom fit to your horse’s wither and hugs your horse’s individual conformation. Your weight will be evenly distributed across the entire length of the panel virtually eliminating pressure points as the air moulds around muscles.

•EASY-CHANGE® Fit-Solution – The EASY-Change® Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE® Riser System offer a total fitting solution. All adjustments are symmetrical, reversible and measurable giving you total confidence in your ability to custom fit custom fit your saddle.

Currently at medium(Black gullet)

44cm (17.5”)

Panel Type: CAIR

Comes with saddle cover and catalogue.

*We strongly recommend fitting these saddles under the guidance of a Wintec trained saddler.

*When trying on the saddle please ensure you use a clean saddle cloth and do not remove any tags.Saddles which have had the tags removed, been sat on or ridden on cannot be returned.