WeatherBeeta Flexi Shell Front Cross Country Boots Brown Cob

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The WeatherBeeta Flexi Shell Front Cross Country Boots in Brown.

Keep your horses’ legs protected from knocks and injury with strike pads and ventilation whilst across country.

These boots are lightweight and flexible with a tough striking pad. The boots are designed to contour around the horse’s leg to create a perfect and comfortable fit which won’t slip. The boot has a breathable,micro-perforated neoprene lining which protects the cannon bone from impact. The flexi shell boots do not carry water making the boots continuously lightweight.There are air vents on the outer shell to help keep tendons and ligaments cool during exercise to eliminate injury. Two double touch tape closures and strike pad run over the front of the cannon bone.Pres stud button on the side of the boot to keep tape closures secure.

Size: Cob

These boots are exclusive to Equine Clearance and cannot be bought anywhere on the internet.