Shires Plastic Mullen Mouth Bevel Bit

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TheShires Plastic Mullen Mouth Bevel Bit is also known as the Plastic Mullen MouthWilkie bit. It applies pressure to the poll as the rings cause the mouthpieceto raise in the horse’s mouth when rein pressure is applied. This bit iscommonly seen in the show ring.

Themullen Mouthpiece prevents pinching on the horse’s mouth. The mullen mouth is softin the mouth with no nutcracker action. This bit is ideal horses that arenormally ridden In a Pelham or continental bit but are doing a dressage test incompetition.

Flexi bitsare made from a high technical plastic which is moulded around stainless steel,making the bit just as durable as a normal stainless-steel bit. The flexi mouth piece has a warmer feel onthe horse’s tongue making it more acceptable for younger and sensitive horses.Plastic should always be regularly checked for sharp edges where the horse mayhave chewed the mouthpiece.