HKM Anatomic Bridle with Reins - Black (Version 2)

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The HKM Anatomic Bridle with Rubber Reins.

Anatomical bridles have been heavily researched for over 10 years; they’ve been designed inside to out ensuring to provide the horse ultimate comfort to help prevent pressure on the horse’s facial nerves. If your horse shakes their head or rubs their head this can be a symptom of their facial nerves being numb. They rub and shake to get the feeling back. Other issues can include fighting and unsteadiness of the contact. All horses react differently to different stimuli, but the healthy growing number of riders see an improvement in their horses ridden comfort, flexibility and behaviour.

The Anatomic bridle is made from quality black and brown leather with heavy-duty stainless-steel buckles. The Flash is detachable and comes with anti-slip continental webbed reins with  leather rein stops.

 The Ophthalmic, Mandibular and Maxillary Branches of the Trigeminal Nerves run from the poll down to the nostrils/lips. The HKM Anatomic Bridle has been designed torelieve pressure on all 3 branches. See below how the Anatomic Bridle has its benefits:

·The Anatomically shaped, padded and raised headpiece with ear cut out softens pressure on the poll and can help with flexibility.

·The ‘U’ shaped, padded browband allows space on the forehead and relieves pressure against the base of the ear.

·The noseband contours the cheek bones and avoids pressure on the Maxillary Branch nerves. The noseband strap around the back of the head helps stabilize the jaw, similar to the grackle strap.

·The noseband also splits to a detachable flash which to help stabilize the jaw. (Smartly converts to a cavesson)

·The gap between the flash strap and noseband strap is larger which prevents pressure on the upper jaw molar teeth.

In conclusion, this bridle is of superb quality, with research and at an affordable price.

Version 2: Improved sizing as the 1st version came up small

RRP: £82.95