Loose Ring Fulmer (Curved) with Copper Lozenge

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Loose Ring Fulmer Snaffle with Copper Lozenge
Full Cheek Snaffle:

·        Long, extended arms above and below the mouthpiece with a ring attached to the arms. The cheeks offer good guiding of young/learning horses on the outside rein when turning or performing circles. Also helps with lunging.

·        The leverage(poll pressure) of the full cheek can be increased with bit keepers, which keep the bit fixed in the mouth.

·        The full cheek eliminates pinching at the side of the mouth. The bit cannot be pulled through the mouth.

·        Full check snaffles are a useful bit for training horses.

Curved Mouthpiece:

·        The mouthpiece is curved to encompass the tongue and align underneath the upper palate, giving very even and gentle weight distribution. The mouthpiece eliminates inference and stops the bit knocking the roof of the mouth.

·        The curved mouthpiece is recommended for horses that are sensitive in the mouth and throw their head up when contact/pressure is applied.

Sweet Copper Lozenge:

·        Copper stimulates taste buds and encourages the horses to chew, as a result saliva is produced.

·        Ideal for horses that struggle to accept the bit.

Dressage Legal
High-Quality Stainless Steel & Copper Bit  
Provide Maximum Comfort

Ring size 77mm
Width 12.5mm
Length 165mm