Caldene Saddlecloth Sheepskin Half Lined GP Brown - Cob

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The Caldene Sheepskin Half-lined GP Saddlecloth is ideal for use both at home and away at shows. Using the highest quality materials and superior product design means that this saddlecloth really is as good as it looks. Made from 100% pure natural sheepskin the saddlecloth is designed to provide a shock absorbing layer between the saddle and the sensitive muscles of your horse's back. The wool provides a natural air cushion, allowing air to circulate and eliminating pressure points, making the saddlecloth ideal for longer rides where the skin becomes sensitive. The wool ability absorbs up to 30% moisture and the natural insulating properties of sheepskin ensure your horse is kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer without ever feeling cold or damp. The structure of wool also repels dirt and is proven to have therapeutic and anti-bacterial properties.